What is the FISHER Project?

The Global Fishing Industry Accident Data Management System

The FISHER (Fishing Industry Safety& Health Event Reporting) Project is an evidence-based development program aimed at capturing, recording and analysing fishing accident and related safety event information, and establishing an accident data management system for the global Fishing Industry.

The clear objective for the program is to gather accurate and comprehensive information about the state of both fishing vessel safety, and human occupational safety and health practice in this industry. And, by using the information gathered, we will develop and promote innovative health and safety outcomes to the international Fishing Industry.

The FISHER Project will be a free service to all Industry participants.

In addition to accessing information captured through the existing regulatory channels, The FISH Safety Foundation’s FISHER reports will provide the Fishing Industry with an additional confidential no-blame channel for reporting and highlighting a full range of safety events, practices and conditions – all without fear of identification or litigation. Noting that The FISH Safety Foundation has no regulatory or enforcement role, all FISHER reports directly sent to us will have guaranteed confidentiality.

The premise here is simple. If a system’s users– the people at the “sharp end” of day-to-day operations – can be encouraged to report the safety problems they encounter to an organisation they can trust, safety goals will be reached much sooner than if we never hear the stories of those lessons learned.

By providing a no-blame confidential reporting channel, we can actively work on preventing reoccurrence and reducing the unnecessarily high accident and fatality rate at sea.

“The establishment of a global industry-specific accident reporting system and database is possibly the single greatest innovation that could be made to improve world fishing safety”.

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