The FISH Safety Foundation

The Global Fishing Industry Accident Data Management System


The FISH Safety Foundation, is an international non-profit organisation, dedicated to improving health and safety outcomes in the global fishing industry. Much of the work we do is focused on the development of training and awareness creation material for the industry. We have been actively involved for a number of years now in helping countries and organisations with training and advisory services, as well as assistance with the practical application of systems, legislative requirements and other guidelines.

Currently we are undertaking various other projects globally, including:

  • An 18-month project (funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation) in Bangladesh, developing a full fishing safety training curriculum and materials, training a group of trainers in that country, and developing a safety awareness program that will promote safety going forward. Our re-FISH Project is also part of this. The Lloyd’s Register Foundation project is planned to expand to the Philippines and Indonesia in the years ahead. This is all built on the original Lloyd’s Register Foundation Insight Report and subsequent Philippines project – both of which we were actively involved in. See Here
  • We are also working with the PEW Charitable Trusts – running workshops in the Pacific Islands currently (with plans to expand to SE Asian countries), promoting the Cape Town Agreement, the Work in Fishing Convention (C188), and the Port State Measures Agreement. This is all part of a plan to strengthen the regulatory framework for those nations, as well as a way to reduce (and hopefully work towards eliminating) IUU Fishing.
  • And we are also funded by the FAO to undertake two projects in the Caribbean. One project is the capacity building of fishers through training material re-development, and the other is the development of an accident reporting system for the Region. These projects have recently been extended, and expanded in focus.

In addition to these funded projects, we are also developing (or have developed) a number of other initiatives, including our Fishing Alert!, fit-to-FISH, and crewSAFE Projects. More information is available on our website

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