History of the Project

The Global Fishing Industry Accident Data Management System

The need for a global fishing accident reporting system and database has long been recognised. In 2009 the FAO took the first major step in this quest and contracted SSPA Sweden to investigate and produce a set of “Guidelines for Accident Reporting and Analysis Systems for Small Fishing Vessels”.

This was followed up in 2011 by the first ‘test’ of the Guidelines referred to above. See the RFLP “Final Report from the Implementation of Accident ReportingSystems in Cambodia, Indonesia and Timor-Leste”.

Further work was done in this area, resulting in the 2015 FAO “Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries No.1 Supplement 3 Fishing Operations: Best Practices to improve Safety at Sea in the Fisheries Sector.”

And in 2019, the FISH Safety Foundation was contracted by the FAO to develop an Accident Reporting System for the Caribbean small-scale fisheries.

The FISHER Project is therefore a continuation and significant expansion on their original work. We are doing this with the full support of, and collaboration with, the FAO and thank them for this.

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