Global Requirement

The Global Fishing Industry Accident Data Management System

This global fishing accident data management system offers a platform to maintain and update accident database and use it for further analysis.
Overview of FISHER Reporting System

As shown, FISHER is a closed-loop accident reporting system for the use by, and benefit of, the commercial fishing industry. The system follows a clear data input – storage – analysis – output process.

Inputs from fishermen are received via a number of communicational channels, this information is collected and analysed, and feedback is provided to Industry via a number of outputs, including the Fishing Alert! series, the crewSAFE Program, and specialised research projects.

Marketing is critically important – both in generating initial enthusiasm for the Project, as well as a route to feed back “lessons learned” to the fishing community.

And finally, via our support from the FAO, and association with the MARS and CHIRP programs, we have a way to be heard at the highest levels internationally.

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